Nytro Extreme Running Boards - 2009+ w/ Cap New
Nytro Extreme Running Boards - 2009+ w/ Cap These running boards are wider than the OEM running boards with excellent traction giving you assurance not to slip off. They offer great tunnel support and great snow removal. All installation hardware is included. This kit includes a tunnel cap with b...
From $1,400.00
CR Suspension Front/Rear Arms New
These lightweight heavy duty chromoly suspension arms are a direct replacement forCR or any M-10 style suspension. They have nylatron bushings in them which makes for a longer lasting, smoother cycle. They weigh approximately 1lb lighter than the stock arms(pair), but were designed to be just str...
From $225.00
CR Innovate XD-16 Gauge Bracket for CR Boost Guage Bracket –33% New
CR Racing XD-16 Innovate Gauge Bracket allows the user to mount their gauge to the CR Racing Billet Boost Gauge Bracket. This allows for a nice clean install. Comes polished with all mounting hardware.
$40.00 $60.00
CR U-Cooler New
Our U-Cooler uses our exclusive aluminum cooler extrusion that performs flawlessly in action. We may ask you for drawings if we are unclear on exactly what you are looking for. Features: CR Racing exclusive extrusion that we believe cools better than any other extrusion on the market today. All ...
From $250.00
CR Apex Tunnel Cap for CR Tunnels New
CR Apex Tunnel Cap for CR Tunnels These caps are made out of 6061 .065 aluminum and comes with heat shrink clamps, coolant hoses and rivets. Specify if you want a rear mount cap (OEM cut out) or a front mount turbo cap.
From $300.00
CR Apex Tunnel New
CR Racing Tunnels. All the advantages that you have come to expect from CR Racing. We have worked hard over the years testing the best combination of lightweight and strength and our current model is the best yet.   Features & Benefits: Our Apex tunnel main sections are CNC Routered out of A...
From $1,760.00

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