Swivel Shock Bearings New
These swivel shock bearings work with our 37" stance Nytro A-arms. They are only needed for those who have fox float shocks and are required on the upper shock mount only. Sold as a pair.
Yamaha Apex/Nytro Extended Throttle Cable New
Our Yamaha Nytro/Apex throttle cable is 4" longer than the factory throttle cable allowing you to run longer handlebar risers.
CR Billet Risers New
Our Billet Risers are exactly what you need if you are looking for very strong, lightweight pivoting risers for your sled. Available in 5, 7, 9, and 11" lengths. Used in conjuction with our handlebars, this setup is proven to be an excellent choice for today's rider.   CR Racing logo engraved on...
From $130.00
CR Yamaha Copper Exhaust Donut (ea) New
These copper exhaust donuts are the best in the market and hold up exceptionally well to boosted applications for the Nytro and Apex. (These will not work on the 2011 and later Apex models.Sold each. Made in Canada!
Nytro Tether with Bracket New
Nytro Tether with Bracket. Allows the engine to be killed if the rider falls from the sled. Includes all mounting hardware. Closed circuit pingel type.
CR Nytro Billet Reverse Lever New
CR Racing Nytro Billet Reverse Handle. Billet aluminum so it's much stronger than the factory plastic unit. Comes polished too so it looks great!

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