2012-20 M-Series/Proclimb/Alpha Arctic Cat Tunnel Stiffener /Bumper kit

Type: Sled


Our Cr racing 2012-20 M-Series/Proclimb/Alpha Tunnel stiffener/Rear Bumper Kits are designed to help strengthen the stock tunnel for purposes such as hauling extra fuel/gear ,Towing or just repairing a damaged tunnel .The rear bumpers are designed to have way more grabbing room and now come with an optional bracket to support the stock snow flap .We have also added lower gussets made from .125 x 6061 Aluminum to replace the factory ones for additional support.CR Bumper kits are available in 137",153/154",162"/165",and 174" lengths(NOTE: 174"bumper kits are designed to work with our 174" Tunnel Caps only and may be used on early model tunnel caps by trimming off the lower bend)We
have tested these bumpers and proven there durability by towing other machines out of some of the nastiest non-groomed trails with no issues .The side plates and bumper  comes with all necessary predrilled holes making it a super easy installation.We recommend using an Air Riveter and allowing approximately 45 minutes to install.We also offer Custom colors for an additional fee so please email or call for more details.
“2020 Hyper green coming soon!”
Tunnel Cap Length measurements Are as follows: