2012-21 M-Series/Proclimb/Alpha Arctic Cat Tunnel Stiffener /Bumper kit New
Our Cr racing 2012-21 M-Series/Proclimb/Alpha Tunnel stiffener/Rear Bumper Kits are designed to help strengthen the stock tunnel for purposes such as hauling extra fuel/gear ,Towing or just repairing a damaged tunnel .The rear bumpers are designed to have way more grabbing room and now come with...
From $400.00
CR Air Intake Sock New
Replacement sock filter for CR Air Intakes.
From $37.50
2012-22 ProClimb/ ProCross/M8/M9/Alpha Replacement Suspension Brackets New
2012-22 Arctic Cat Proclimb/Procross/M-series/Alpha Replacement Suspension Brackets These Brackets are designed to change your 2012-13 to the 2014 and Newer Geometry. These brackets are designed to reinforce the tunnel by adding an extra inner support brace constructed from 6061 Aluminum The sus...
From $340.00
CR Billet Handlebar Mount Gauge Bracket New
CR Racing Billet Boost Gauge Bracket allows you to mount your boost, EGT, air/fuel, etc. gauges on your handlebar. Includes spacers to use dual gauges or don' t use the spacers and run a single gauge. Comes polished and with all mounting hardware. Carbon fiber or steel cups must also be purchased...
Carbon Fiber Gauge Pods New
Carbon Fiber Gauge Pods Allows the addition of a boost gauge for your turbo. Carbon Fiber so it's lightweight but as always it looks great. Available for both 2-1/16" Carbon Fiber and 2-5/8" Carbon Fiber Cups.Mounts to our CR boost gauge Bracket as shown in pics.
From $90.00
Billet Gas Cap w/Beverage Lip New
 Billet Gas Cap w/Beverage Lip Polished billet gas cap with a beverage lip so you have a spot to put your drink when you stop for a break on the trail. Useful and looks great!

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