CR Billet Handlebar Mount Gauge Bracket New
CR Racing Billet Boost Gauge Bracket allows you to mount your boost, EGT, air/fuel, etc. gauges on your handlebar. Includes spacers to use dual gauges or don' t use the spacers and run a single gauge. Comes polished and with all mounting hardware. Carbon fiber or steel cups must also be purchased...
Carbon Fiber Gauge Pods New
Carbon Fiber Gauge Pods Allows the addition of a boost gauge for your turbo. Carbon Fiber so it's lightweight but as always it looks great. Available for both 2-1/16" Carbon Fiber and 2-5/8" Carbon Fiber Cups.Mounts to our CR boost gauge Bracket as shown in pics.
From $90.00
CR Gas Rack New
CR Racing Gas Racks have long been the gas rack of choice. They are made from T6061 CNC routered sides and T6061 solid rods. They are functional and can carry a 5 gallon Gerry Can. Comes with all mounting hardware. Inside diameter: 15 3/4" x 9 1/8"
From $135.00
CR XP/ XR/ XM Tunnel Extension Kit New
CR's XP/ XR/ XM Tunnel Extension Kit is used to either extend your stock tunnel for a longer track, or repair your existing stock tunnel. All installation hardware is included (stainless steel button head bolts & nuts). Tunnel extension side plates are constructed of 3/16 6061 aluminum. Exten...
From $410.00
CR Race Bend Chromoly Handlebars New
CR Racing Handle Bars are made from 4340 chromoly so they are strong yet forgiving. Available in Natural Chromoly or Powdercoated black. Offers superb ergonomics for today's rider and allows for the installation of all factory controls.
From $95.00
XP Billet Thermostat Housing New
XP Billet Thermostat Housing The stock XP thermostat doesn't fully open until 150deg and the computer will pull timing when the temperatures get up in the 160 degree range which will happen when riding in deep snow with continuous wot. This results in up to 10hp loss of power(known as heat fade)....

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