19-22 Polaris 850 Axys/Matryx Slash Conversion kit

Type: Sled
Vendor: CR Racing


Convert your 2019-22  850 Axys into a Matryx Slash Tunnel style with this conversion kit 
without sacrificing loss of cooling.The Matryx tunnel is designed for it`s excellent properties of sidehilling and deep powder riding so we designed a cooling system that could be added to the back of the Axys that would incorporate a tapered tunnel design.
We have tested this and had better cooling results versus the stock OEM system.We have made our Tunnel stiffener plates out of 6061 Aircraft qaulity Aluminum for maximum Strength.The kit comes complete with Cooler,Tunnel cap,New multi-layer tunnel stiffener/Bumper,all neccesary mounting hardware and instructions.This design  will ALSO be the answer for many people who may have damaged there Tunnels(as shown in the picture below) or have cut them to short from previous Mods. It will require the same welding process as our previous Axys Tunnel cut coolers and require an experienced Tig welder and takes approximately 4-5 hours to install.  Allow 2-3 weeks ship time as we get rolling and other colors will be available upon request.