Vipex/MC Xpress Turbo Tunnel

Type: Sled


Vipex/MC Xpress Turbo Tunnel

This tunnel is raised 1 1/2 " to accommodate for the under tunnel exhaust and a rear mount MC Xpress turbo. It is constructed of 6061 aluminum weighing in at 30 lbs with the cooling system and 174 "length. It can also accept a 16" wide track.

The tunnel comes complete with foot hoops,cooling system, Xtreme running boards, bumper, S.S. front suspension mounting plates, MC Xpress turbo heat shield and mounting hardware. These tunnels can be built to any length, fit to any suspension, with or without cooling systems for mountain climbing to ice, snow or asphalt drag racing.

Suspension brackets 2.7lbs/ S.S.inner plates 1lb/ MC Xpress turbo heat shield 1lb

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