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2017-2022 Skidoo G4 850 Tunnel cut Conversion kit New
"New" 2017-2022 Skidoo G4 850 Tunnel Cut Conversion Kit converts your tunnel on the 2017-22 Summit SP and 2018-2020 Freeride Models into an Expert model tunnel making it 7" shorter to help reduce drag in the deep snow .This kit Includes our Expert Tunnel stiffener and bumper kit,Expert snow flap...
From $745.00
19-22 Polaris 850 Axys/Matryx Slash Conversion kit New
Convert your 2019-22  850 Axys into a Matryx Slash Tunnel style with this conversion kit  without sacrificing loss of cooling.The Matryx tunnel is designed for it`s excellent properties of sidehilling and deep powder riding so we designed a cooling system that could be added to the back of the A...
From $1,085.00
22-23 Polaris Matryx Tunnel Stiffener /Bumper kit New
Our Cr racing  2022-23 146,155,163/165 Tunnel stiffener/Rear Bumper Kits are designed to help strengthen the stock tunnel for purposes such as hauling extra fuel/gear ,Towing or repairing a damaged tunnel .We have extended it past the suspension bracket for additional Tunnel support.The side pla...
From $385.00

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